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Sunday, February 12, 2012

New photos!!!!

I know it has been awhile my faithful readers, but I now reward your patients with some epic photos of a recent shoot and some random ones I took this morning. With no further ado...

These are from a test shoot with Ashley, expect a full set when the full shoot is done, sometime this week.

I like her face in this one, the rest of the photo seems to be lacking something, but her face was just to perfect here.

I like feet!

I really enjoyed setting this one up and I'm not sure why, but I am pleased with the way it came out. Ashley was very patient with me here cause this was not comfortable.

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I think this is how we will start the shoot for the next one, although expect some better background and more detail with hair and makeup.

Naked planking!!!!!!
I've always enjoyed reflective shooting and as my friend Cassie was putting on makeup this morning I jumped at the opportunity.

This one was more luck than anything cause she puts her make up on fast, the framing of this could not have come out better.

I wish i would have zoomed out a bit more for this one but all in all I really liked it.

Well readers I hope you enjoyed the photos, I have about 5 new posts in the works and hope to have them up soon including the video I've been promising for months.

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