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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Rules (Or the holy Dogma of this site)

Ok so I've been meaning to put this up and seeing as i have nothing new to post about today (I'm a little exhausted) i figured now would be as good of time as any.

1. Everyone is welcome to post comments here and everyone is entitled to there opinion, I will be the soul deciding factor on whether or not a comment is stupid and should be removed so don't ask, tell or recommend, thank you.

2. Every thing is fair game on this site, i like politics and i may blog on that, i love the fetish world and i WILL blog on that, hell i may be in a mood to blog about puppies one day, deal with the fluffy cuteness.

3.. Be courteous, I am going to do everything in my power to be nice to everyone on here, but unchecked stupidity and aggression will not be tolerated from anyone.

4. If you are going to post a link to another site i don't mind, however it should be covered by a word, not a long string of computer babel, if you need to know how to do this go here.

5. If you simply come on here to harass and berate the people who do visit this site I will track you down via your IP address shove a red hot poker up your ass then ban you.

6. When presenting a view either dissenting OR AGREEING try to bring something more to the conversation other then "yeah" or "that's stupid" we should all be adults dammit act like it.

7. I have bad grammar and spelling, if I spell something wrong please feel free to tell me, but if your an asshole about it you will get a response so grammatically fuck up you won't know what I'm saying.

8. I love reading if there happens to be a discussion on literature and you have read the book please share your opinion but if you post any pertinent information about the book GIVE A GOD DAMNED SPOILER WARNING.

9. Tell your friends about my site if you like it, I love having new people bring something to the table.

10. I went with a religious theme so I felt like I needed ten, there is no other reason for this rule, enjoy.

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