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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Footsies why i love them (and how you can too)

I have a foot fetish, no sense in denying it, i love a beautiful pair of feet.

Now a lot of my friends both in and out of the fetish community have trouble grasping this particular fetish but one of my friends asked me to write on this particulars topic.

What i find very interesting is that foot fetish is actually the number 1 fetish, so why is it still so misunderstood.

So to start what is erotic about the foot well it all depends  on what you find erotic about your significant other (yes these are personal views i will provide either mitigating or agitating facts later in the post) but look at the type of man or woman you are attracted to and you will notice corollaries.

If you like a fit person you will most likely enjoy an athletic foot one that is some what tough used and has character, if you like larger men/women you will like a slightly pudgy foot one that is supple and smooth to the touch if you enjoy dangerously skinny men/women you might like a foot that the veins and bones are clearly visible.

Now if you have an interest in foot worship and have no idea where to begin I'd like to help you, first you need to sit down with your SO and express you interest to them if they are ok with it then you may proceed with them, if they are not you might want to see  if they are ok with you pursuing the non sexual side of you interest with another (or sexual side each relationship like each foot is different).

If your SO is hesitant you might try re approaching the idea in a way that is more appealing to them, foot massage is always a plus or if you just enjoy pretty feet in accessories then you might try the "I will buy you lots of nice shoes and stocking" angle.

Ok so your SO says "ok lets try this" are you going to just dive in and start gnawing their foot to the bone (this didn't work well for Mr. Dommer) of course not, again this is where you and your partner must come to an agreement, foot worship and foot pleasure could come from many different forms, it could be simply staring at a beautiful foot in a nice shoe stocking or sock.

Just remember that prancing around all day in heels can be painful, don't believe me then you should try it.

If you enjoy the feel of the foot massages and caressing are an excellent way for you and your partner to enjoy this activity together.

If you enjoy or have thought about sucking, biting or kissing the feet be sure your partner is aware of these intentions as it may result in a boot print in the forehead, remember the foot is very sensitive and you must be careful while worshipping your mates foot if you tickle them fun will ensue how ever the romance may disappear

For additional information there are some good questions and answers here.

So what are some of your thoughts, stories and questions about Americas favorite fetish.

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