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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vanillas and Normies, (Marines are the best and worst)

As my title indicates this is about vanillas and normies (Those not is the fetish or gothic subculture) now there is nothing wrong with that until we try to be ourselves anywhere within a 500 foot radius of them. now the typical reactions you will get are fear and predujice (sometimes quite sometimes boastful) the other is mild intrest and intriuge.

I like the ones who are intrested or intruiged and have legitimate question, they step out of thier shell to try and learn something other than what is always imediatley around them....

They will ask basic questions like what is this or that or how you discovered (as if it took and epic mythical journey to realiize what we like) but most of these questions are innocent and with good intentions.

But, there is another group out there a hateful little majority that thinks because you don't follow the track they do then there is something wrong with you like your brain got to much sunlight (or moonlight in this case) and you need to be fixed or else locked away from decent society. This irritates me, actually more than that it pisses me right the fuck off and let me tell you why.

I'm on a Marine Base, I'm a Marine i have been for 5 years now and i enjoy it i'm good at it and i couldn't see doing anything else for now (I do however have plans on parting ways with my beloved corps but i will tell you all about that later) but when you are in the military there are alot of things that are openly accepted that society dosn't normally go along with however goth and fetish dosn't seem to be one of those even though so many goth's i've met are Marines.

so what braught this up, i was practicing with my new floggers today when a few fellow Marines saw one looked at me as if i was the devil another asked me to give him a crack with it (he said it was kind of cool) and the rest seem to be a little more aloof now but my only question is why, i'm the same guy who they met a few weeks ago just now they know more about me. i don't know maybe i am the asshole.

And now for a little upbeat news for fans of the band Mercury they will be playing in the Kansas City area.

For my LA fans Bat Cave is this Saturday look for The Otherworld to be performing, they are always a good show.

One finale thought why oh why is it so damn hard to find a Krispy Kreme in Cali AGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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