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Monday, September 6, 2010

Family and Friends

Well today closes the weekend I spent with my brother Exceter Miles it has been truly an exciting and productive weekend we or rather he finish 4 new sets of floggers and two dragon tales (we will try to get pictures up soon. we made a pretty good run of things between going to Das Bunker, Fetish Nation and Chamber. i am on my way back to 29 Palms to continue my training. in site news I'm not sure how long it will take to get the site exactly where i want it but it is functional for now, well i need a shower and a haircut, i have a long drive ahead of me.


The top photo are the floggers and the dragon tail Exceter made for his personal use the dragon tail and floggers together was about a total of 10 hours to make minus the drying time for the rubber dip.
The ones on bottom were the ones he mad for me, for mine he used a very supple deer skin leather from Tandy's,  and for his set he used a slightly stiffer cowhide, we put these items to use Saturday night at Fetish Nation and we are both proud to say they work like a charm

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