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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VD love, spread it around.

I know I haven't posted in awhile and I apologize, however, I will be coming back with full force and today's post is about Venereal Disease aka Valentines Day aka (My new favorite) Lupercalia.

I spent the Saturday before this most scared day learning about it from the ever beautiful Dr. Susan Block.

I didn't know a lot about the origins of Valentines Day, I like most people thought it was a tribute to love and St. Valentine, but like St. Patrick's Day it too holds hidden meaning, one we can all enjoy...

Flogging and ritualistic whipping, I think I'll start celebrating again,dressing in scant clothing and celebrating the coming spring. I wont steal all of the good Doctors thunder, she explains Lupercalia in her radio show.

During the show the focus of the celebration was on the two beautiful women Lily Cade and Jamey Janes.

For the pleasure of her audience Dr Block had the writer Michael Phillips who graced us with a wonderful poem about valentines day, you can hear it as read by Mr. Phillips on Dr. Blocks radio archives.
I had the distinct pleasure of of a small play session with Ms. Janes towards the end of the show who seemed to fall in love with my vampire gloves. Just before we began out quick session I asked her what her pain tolerance was and got the hottest reply any one could hope for, In her thick Russian accent Ms. Janes replied with "I am KGB, you cannot break me."

The after party proved to be one of the best I have attended, the decor of the Womb Room is beautiful, comfortable and very relaxing. A new camera system allows you to see what is going on all over the speakeasy from almost any room.

I had a wonderful little session with Boxcutter who allowed me to do some light carving on her for this special Lupercali, I ordained her back with a heart, now if only I could draw better.

The rest of my night was made up of watching Sit Chindi and Lily Cade. Sir Chindi being one of the most experienced and interesting people I have ever met, his skill as a Dom is truly impressive and if you ever have the opportunity to observe him I highly recommend it.

Lily and I sat and  discussed cinematography in porn and she described to me her directorial debut "Art School Dykes" which I will be review here on The Cathedral shortly. I really enjoyed her views that porn should be more than just a few people fucking, it can and should have plot and substance and quality filming. Personally i feel a lot of the camera angles in your average porn are predictable and boring, so to here someone share these views was quite refreshing.

Finally I enjoyed a great conversation with the good Doctor herself who apart from her ability to bring such wonderful and intelligent people together to have fun and share ideas is also a wonderful listener and has sagely advice and she provided me an ear for some minor issues that  where weighing heavy on my mind and for that I am eternally grateful. I personally recommend the good Doctor if you need an open ear and honest opinion please visit her site here not only for fun and education but a way to enrich your life.   

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