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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm going to twitter all over facebook

OK cliche title but as some of you may know Facebook recently disabled my page for inappropriate pictures and spam.

I'm guilt of the pictures, the spamming I don't get, every time I put up a new post I shared it on Facebook, that is apparently wrong, you see according to the gods of social networking your news feed is for whining about your 3 in penis or the fact that no one will date you cause you're as interesting as a blank 3X5 note-card.

Now it could do this to any blogger who posts links to their latest blogs but it doesn't, a good friend of mine over at StoneKettle Station posts his updates regularly, I'm not at all mad about this, actually I'm quite happy, I enjoy Jim's blog, It's informative, witty, well written and inspired me to start Cathedral. What I don't like is that this was not a self cleaning banning, someone reported me, for spamming, my own page.

I know what some people are going to say, "Your post shows up in other people news feed." and your right, but I don't control that, they do, they can  block my posts or delete me as a friend, which is fine, I won't get mad or butt hurt, Instead they report me to the emo police and get me kicked off Facebook.

Fuck it.

I didn't like that fucking site anyway, I hated MySpace and I despised Facebook, it was good for a few contacts but that was about it, I was getting tired of pseudo-intellectual pansy asses crying about the latest world travesty from and little fucking piles of nut butter stretching their brain power to it's breaking point so they can feel superior on the internet.

So from now on you can find me on FetLife or Twitter, there are links to my accounts on the right of the blog Fagbook can fuck right the fuck off.

What sites do you hate and why?


  1. I'm mostly into Making Love Not War, and I'm certainly not a "hater," as you well know, but I join you wholeheartedly in your Facebook Hate. Yuckerberg and his uptight, invisible FB Mafia did the same thing to my 10000+ Fan Page, and to many others who worked hard to create their FB pages that were then disabled with no warning, real explanation and no recourse. Well, back to Twitter (lol) and see you this Saturday at the Speakeasy for VALENTINE LUPERCALIA!

  2. I too look forward to this weekend, Readers be sure to listen in by visiting Dr. Suzy's home page, then check here a few days after for pictures and my exclusive narrative of the nights after party.

  3. Complete bullshit, me says. >.<