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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shaving Cream Wars Episode IV: A New Glop

A long time ago (About 30 minutes prior to me writing this) in a house in bum fucked Missouri peace was being restored after a business/pleasure to LA and a weekend at Naka Con. Immoral goddess had returned and bestowed cuddles upon the not quite so evil as New Coke, Lord Foul.
All seemed well as a quiet rest settled over the two, Captain Morgan was flowing through the veins of the exhausted ruler.

After a brief nap the duo retired to the basement to smoke cigarettes and watch the Marx Brothers but this peace would not last.

The goddess desired a shower but the evil emperor had other plans, armed with an armada of shaving cream he assaulted the unsuspecting goddess and corned her in the bathroom.
But the goddess was not with out resources she turned the shaving cream on her once king and lashed out with un-equaled furry.

Coated in the foaminess of his own weapon the king grew bitter with giggles and laughter and launched his assault anew as he mercilessly drenched the poor sub in white sticky foam.

 This is what happens when you leave the Lord alone for a weekend, lets not do that again.

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