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Friday, January 14, 2011

Geuss whos back.

~EDIT  I spelled guess wrong, grammar Nazis go fuck yourselves I'm not changing it.~

It is so good to be back, I first off want to apologize about my absence, it won't happen again, but it will.

So many thing I want to say and I don't know where to start, how about grammar Nazis. I'm very proud to say the The Cathedral has begun to attract these anal retentive hunters of the missing period.  They launched their assault off the blog thank god but for anyone who cares to read the banter you can find it on FetLife...

Now I understand the purpose of grammar and how it aids in the clarity of the written word but this particular group of mouth breathing, window licking, knuckle dragging snot wads really piss me off, dissecting any persons posted thoughts to try and make chicken shit out of chicken salad. these people in mass need lives, not all are bad and not all do it maliciously but most are just trying to compensate for the fact that their greatest social achievement was not getting kicked out of the mall food court.

On to the next groups of sorry dick sucking cock bagged fucktards that piss me off THIEVES, with a passion I want to take every thief I've ever met hang them from a rusty hook through their anus cover them in honey and dangle them over hungry cannibals. I find it sad that in this day and age we can't freely leave our personal items or even money laying out and not have people fuck with it. I understand people who steal food for survival, shame on their fellow human beings for not aiding them, but people who steal out of want are low and fucking scum, damned be the man that can not work for his keep.

The next group of single celled amoebas id love to chuck into a raging flame with a gas hose shoved firmly up their ass is the one-uppers, we all know these nose picking, drooling, walking shit bags. You have an unusual experience that was noteworthy in your day,  you share this with a group of friends to get a good laugh and hopefully brighten others day at your either good luck or misfortune. Example; you're driving into to work and take a turn a little to fast and wind up doing a cool burn out/drift in the process, everyone chuckles and smiles but this cum dumpsters laughs really loud to draw attention his or her way then proceeds to tell you that that's nothing compared to what his friend/relative/himself has done.

"Man that's nothing compared to this one time my dad had this 69 dodge charge, which is way better than your car, and he did 5 doughnuts and then put it on two tires right in front of a cop so the cop chased him all the way to the cops house where my dad got out and had a threesome with the cops wife and mother, huh yuck huh yuck," Said the sorry excuse for a still breathing creature.

everyone just nods and walk away with fuck nut feeling self satisfied at his ability to be better at everything than anyone, go fuck yourself.

So who the fuck do you despise with every fiber of your being?

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