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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life in the fast lane (surley make you loose your mind)

Very busy weekend with a very busy week ahead of me but I don't want to leave anyone out of the fun so I have new pics and stories to post.

Friday, Uneventful bought a washer and dryer and relaxed a lot

Saturday, slept in and gathered everyone at my house for the monthly play party at Brock Livingstons home, very beautiful place. I sadly missed most of the discussion about inexpensive toys for the kinkster on a budget, a great topic, one I'm storing away for a future blog but I want to get some advice and other ideas from people with much more experience.

Now pictures.

Above are from my session with boxcutter. It had been awhile since we played but we picked up right where we left off. This was actually my first full play session since I last played with toy, expect a post about her coming up in mid Februrary, for those who know about SHUSH! It's a secret.

 Above is the after math of my session with my new sub immoral goddess, she marks most beautifully. two play sessions in one night was a wonderful feeling I'd almost forgot how much I missed playing.

Gag mask  courtesy of Brock Livingston, I love this mask, very ninja-esque which makes the pirate in me want to shudder but hey ninjas have a good look too.

This brought us into Sunday slept in then hung out with several of my friends (I had 4 stay over that night) before we went back to Brocks for classes.

Well that's all.  Hmmm? You wanna know classes on what. oh Shibari. Thats right I am expanding into rope, something I've wanted to learn for awhile but have not had the time or inversely a teacher.

Right now I'm just working on the basics, single limb cuff double limb cuff and a chest harness, I have to practice this week and will post photos of my progress.

Well that's all for tonight, bad sleep last night and bad day at works puts me to bed very early :) What did you do with your weekend?

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