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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Photos

Just had a play session with Boxcutter and we took some photos of the aftermath

 Got an opportunity to use my new knives.

The top one is an ornate long knife and the bottom is a ceremonial dagger.

Then she wanted to try some fetish photos, I took all of these with my new Droid X. It has a very effective little camera.

Next we did some full body fetish shots.

 After the warm up shots we started working with a few ideas as them came to mind

I really like the ones with the fedora it looks really good on her.

 These were a lot of fun, unfortunately half way through shooting the pizza was done and I had to leave her like this for about 4 mins.

And the finale ones, we hope you enjoy, be sure to let Box Cutter know what you think of her first unofficial shoot.


  1. Luv the new pics...the yellow nylons are an attractive part of them too..she is a hot looking gal!!! socali6969

  2. Thanks Socali glad you enjoy them :)

  3. How long have u been playing, Lord Foul? Just curious.

    I like shoes a lot, but I prefer stilettos on chicas. As a female, I had to talk style. She is very cute, though :o)


  4. I love all kinds of shoes on women but this style and god help me I have no Idea what it is called, strikes me with a 1950 pin-up feel which is always and will always be numero uno on my attraction list :)

  5. Thanks everyone, wonderful beating and enjoyed having the photos taken. LF don't forget the newest photos... I absolutely love them :D