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Saturday, January 1, 2011


I hope you all had a wonderful evening ringing in the new year, I took the opportunity to allow Boxcutter to take me to a local house play party, in short EPIC evening, I want to take this chance to thank Brock Livingston for opening his home so warmly for the nights festivities.

Most impressive about the new year was Boxcutter playing with her first submissive, she did quite well, and we have photographic evidence.

  She did a wonderful job working with paddles crops and her hands, then she brought out my new vampire gloves and employed them like an old pro.

She played with one other that night but i was in the middle of a waxing and missed the opportunity for photos.

Speaking of  waxing here is some photos of my session with Boxcutter, (I got to do 3 waxings)

I love waxing, sadley I ran out of wax last night, On a good note though i will soon start production on my own series of toys.

The night even included Boxcutters first flying session

Hehehe, love the feet.

All in all it was a great way to ring in the new year, once I get the rest of the photos I'll put them up here


  1. How cute she looks hanging like that! Bravo to the nice looking wax-work :)


  2. Well thank you I hope to expand into wax paint soon.

  3. What an awesome party. Thanks for coming along and for the wonderful wax play. Also want to mention I really appreciate all your mentoring and supervision you provide. You are a great teacher!!! :D

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  5. I removed the above comment because it was a bad URL, Anon if you want to post a workking one I'd be happy to leave it up :)