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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wax Rain

Ever since I saw Jolyon from Sex and Metal do a performance using hot wax it set a seed in my mind, I can do this, I want to do this.

I'm a HUGE fan of sensory play, and this can be one of the greatest tools in sensory play, after conferring with my good friend Momma D I found out that a low temp burning wax is the best to use so as to avoid any harmful burning of the skin....

So my first note as with any kind of play is, SAFETY ,see it looks different for a reason, it means pay attention.

Ensure that you have taken care of that fact that you are working with an open flame, this means loose easily flammable materials are to be avoided as well as plastics and other easily flammable melting items.

Once you have prepped your play area double check it, if you are using any type of bondage be sure you can free your sub quickly in case of an emergency and give them a few test drops to make sure the heat is not to intense for them.

I found a Brief list of smart items to have on hand as well as good tips and ideas for the beginer in this form of play here

"Gather all your scene stuff before beginning play – wet washcloths or towels for instant cooling of wax, ice in a bowl, a mini-fire extinguisher you can purchase from any auto parts store, and anything else you can think of to keep your submissive and your home safe."

Now I'm Sure you are wondering "what kind of candles do I use"  FYI Wal-mart brand dosn't cut it here usless your sub has the skin consistancy of leather, don't forget this is supossed to be fun, almost any sex shop will carry sensual soy wax candles that will work well for anyone interested in wax play. If you can't find or are afraid to go into a sex shop the dollar store carries Tea Candles which can work quite well, I would wear some for of glove when pouring the wax from these however to avoid any unwanted burns.

"Cheap soft white candles tend to be the lowest melt temperature wax, because of the lack of additives, such as stearic acid, but other issues may also arise. Consider the submissive’s known allergies to scent and oils in scented candles."
Before you  begin to aid with clean up and protection from buring a nice baby oil mineral oil or other non flammable oil is a good way to sooth your sub and make the first or any experiance very enjoyable.

It is also recomended that you use a steady platform made of metal or hard wood to hold your candles and items on, this can prevent a spill or possible fire.

Well thats all I have for now, I'll post Photos of my own adventures in wax play later this weekend, stand by later this week for a post about the upcoming LA Fetish Film Festival.


  1. dude you know i am sooooo down to let you wax me as well this weekend....just imagaine.. toy and i laid side by side...or tangled into each other and you pouring wax over both of our bodies....

  2. Momma D i would love to.

    There you have it my good readers, we will have two beautiful women waxed this weekend so be sure to check back for the photos i'm sure you will enjoy them

  3. hey this is toy and the waterfall of wax on that one pic of the girls back look awesome and oh so ticlkly

  4. Hey Toy, glad you were able to jump on :), i was hoping the wax i got could pull off an effect like that but i think i need a better kind, not that i don't like polka dots.