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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fetish fashion goes mainstream?

While trying to get a good topic for you, my loyal reader i stumbled across this and my interest was peeked.

Now it is a widely accepted notion that most vanillas think we are weird, odd, strange, abnormal, sinners, evil etc. yet i can't help but chuckle when ever they pull a common item such as a toy or piece of clothing and adapt it into the mainstream culture to gain notoriety for themselves and slowly edge us more into the mainstream.

(I promise this will be the only time I show her on my blog) ...

But miss Spears isn't the only one tapping the fetish scene for fashion tips and insperation, Bruce Willis and his wife Emma posed in some very intersting photos that have clear ties to the BDSM culture

Over at modelmayhem kumi, a member of that site, posted about this very subject a few years ago while her insight in my opinion is very nihalistic apart from clothing, she did post some very good examples of fetish fashion being  used in the mainstream.

Now this is an older cover of Vanity Fair but I feel it highlights exactly what i am talking about, i'm sure alot of people had this Magazine on there coffee tables as the left of to church to pray for theeir son or daughters soul on sunday because they found some leather clothing or a flogger in their closet.

What do you think.

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