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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Successful Waxing and a Firm Bronze Bust

I was fortunate enough to be at the unveiling of the Dr. Susan Block Bust which was sculpted by Yossi Varadan.
Let me tell you this sculpture is amazing in person, and ever the gracious hostess there was plenty of champagne and snack to go around.

Just as a side bar if you have yet to listen to one of Dr. Blocks radio shows do your self a favor and check out her site and listen to them NOW!

But I'm sure all of my loyal readers are wanting to see a picture of the beautiful bust of Dr. Block and I shant disappoint, but remember this is just a quick taste, better photos are to come but you must go to Dr. Blocks site to see them.

So after the unveiling a truly wonderful party got into full swing, i had the great pleasure of spending the first half hour or so at the feet of Amber Berlin (photos of that great time to come soon) and her friend Sara, who never had her feet worshipped.

As I finished up with Amber the party went disco, dancing and good times were had by all.

Now the part  I hope you all have been waiting for, the wax play, I think my first attempt was successful Toy and Momma D both seemed to enjoy it although the wax was burning a bit hotter than one would have wanted.

It was hard to suppress the jokes and laughter as i dripped wax on those two, with the screams and squirms and yes even giggles on their end i personally found my first wax experience entertaining to say the least, i tried to paint a picture with the wax but i think even Van Gough would have trouble with a moving canvass.

We closed the evening with heartfelt goodbyes for I unfortunately must head home to Kansas City very soon and will not be able to attend a Dr. Block show for quite some time but i promise to help keep you all updated with what is going on as well as any other interesting paths I may cross.

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