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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sorry, it's been a long weekend

Ok, so first off I apologize about the lack of content over the past weekend but it will totally be worth it.

Exceter, Toy and I visited Dr. Blocks again this Saturday and as always the radio show and after party where fantastic.

The topic of the night was burlesque (one of my favorite topics so far) and involed an on air demonstration (which can be seen via the website I believe) and a live performance by such performers as Scarlett Letter of Peepshow Menagerie  and Ms. Fever Blister.

As usual Dr. Block did a fantastic job of diving into the subject at hand and helping her listeners get to the root of what burlesque really is with great insight from great guest.

Ok I have to brag on Susan Block here, she has consistantly shown not only a deep understanding of her subject matter but an astounding knowledge of how to bring her fans and listeners into the light of some very interesting and little known topics.

Yes my good reader there are photos and as soon as i get them just like before i will post them but for know stretch your minds and let your imagination flow.

After the educating was done we bagan with our own entertainment Dr. Block allowed Toy and I to use a very nice little celll located next to her studio for a very fun hour long plaay session.

Some photos of our play.

Lord Foul (me) and Toy shortly after arriving at The Speakeasy

D.r Susan Block, with Toy mid beating it's always nice having a Doctor like this in the  house.

Toy in the cage, with me in the background.

Here I'm Using Exceters Reever on Toy (still practicing, i was actually a bit nervouse)

Doing a little paddleing.

"The Stick, I want you to use the Stick agian", who knew she would like it so much.

Me administering my own brand of aftercare (If you have been a long time reader you know I like the footsies)

The after effects of Staurday night, some very  lovely shades of blue and purple, I belive the artist was trying to depict pain and pleasure here.

Edit: Photos Courtesy of Brandillio of Dr. Blocks Speakeasy and Toy

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