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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blank check


Dear reader, you have been awarded a blank check to be filled in and used at your convenience,

huh what's that, what am I talking about?

Ok, you got me i couldn't think of anything for today, my course is almost to the end so we've been very busy.

Oh what am I doing?

What kind of course is it?

You don't want to know that, oh you DO want to know that, ok fine, I'm at a special military course.

No, I'm not learning to fly helicopters, or drive tanks, or battle non  existent space aliens.

Ok if you really want to know what I'm doing, I'm learning how to run fast, walk people around all pretty like, and walk around the desert in seemingly aimless directions, oh did I forget to mention  that blank check comes straight out from your taxes.

have a good day all :)

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