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Monday, September 27, 2010

Some one call the Doctor

As promised I shall now fill you all in on the truly wonderful evening that I was invited to participate in.

I was naturally very excited when  I was told by Exceter Miles that I would be going to Dr. Susan Blocks Speakeasy, and that we would be playing as well.

Now you know when you first hear about something then you work it up in you head until it's larger than life so that when you get there it's fun but kinda disappointing, this wasn't one of those times. The interior and decor was absolutely stunning the staff/family (everyone there really acted like close family, it provided for a very welcoming atmosphere)  was kind, engaging and very funny.

The guest list included some of the more influential names in the fetish world to include Jolyon H. Collier with Sex and Metal, a company that makes very unique and artistic toys and furniture. i won't spill the beans on it yet but they did bring a truly magnificent piece with them and i have it on good info it will be on the site soon so swing on over and see what they have cooking. also among the unconventional conventionalist's was Michael Simmons, a name that should be know to vanillas and the fetish community both Simmons is the driving force behind the LA Fetish Film Festival and creator of American Fetish

The evening began with our troupe being escorted into the main room where Dr. Block was preparing for her show, headphones where passed amongst the audience so they could listen in to the excitement =, Dr. Block provided a very spirited 2 hours of introspection into the Dom/me, sub world with perspective provided by both parties and clarifications made to certain nuances within our community.

I didn't see this last Saturdays show up yet but i found an archive of her shows ending in July on this year here, I imagine everything will be updated very soon.

After Dr. Block finished with the show the play began (There are pictures of everything but i will have to get them to you later, i apologizes but they will be up very soon).

Exceter worked on both Momma D and her friend Toy, i worked with my new sub Boxcutter and Jolyon drew the largest crowd when he preformed and very beautiful and exciting max show with one of his submissives.

well this has truly been a very exciting albeit long weekend i have a heavy workout session tomorrow morning and a full day so i will bid you all farewell, expect a new post again tomorrow and pictures very soon.


  1. I agree. Very incredible night. The show is up, just not the pictures yet. You can listen to it here.