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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Beauty of Pain (By Boxcutter)

Ok, just read, written by my sub Boxcutter after her first play session.

"What is pain? It is an intense sensation; it is the mind’s awareness of the body’s impulses. It is a reaction… The world teaches us to fear pain, as every dictionary definition of the word I can find attempts to describe pain in a derogatory manner. I beg to differ. Pain can only affect you as negatively as you let it. There is something incredibly beautiful about a pain that is not associated with injury, and is safe. When you experience this beautiful infliction as the euphoric esthesis which you allow it to be, your complete thought process is transformed. The best part is, having someone trustworthy enough to be allowed to please you in such an intense manner, knowing no harmful repercussions will be the end result, heightens the level of intimacy in a relationship beyond any expectation or anticipation. This is a deep connection which surpasses any imaginable feeling when inexperienced. Not only this, but a deep satisfaction is found when discovering the deprivation of such a powerful, yet undermined sensation misconstrued by the majority of our society has been conquered. Everyone should discover the true beauty of a comfortable pain. From my own experience, I can honestly say it is the most comfortable I have ever felt in my life. Others around me have noticed a change and an unusual tranquility in my presence. If everyone learned to avoid fear, rather than pain, I believe we would be greatly astounded with the personal transformations taking place in result of something as simple as opening one’s mind to a new level and removing boundaries which don't belong where they are..."


  1. That is really well written. Thanks for writing :)


  2. agreed, I was very impressed with her interpretations of the lifestyle