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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I now pronounce you man and woman... man... ostrich... transgender bisexual hermaphrodite?

Every where I turn someone is debating gay marriage, ever since President Obama made his stance on the support of it and North Carolina voted it down it seems to be the only topic on people lips. Even Foamy The Squirrel has weighed in on the topic (with more intelligence than the average human I might add).

So I will be just like the rest of the cattle and post my views too, it's my blog fuck it.

Why is it that hypocrisy is more addictive than any alcohol or narcotic that anyone can get their grubby little hands on, it's every where, teachers, government, military, parents, the church.... Probably the worst offender with government in a close second.

I had a debate today with a few co-workers I will try to re-create the narrative as best as possible...

Co-worker 1: did you here Obama came out in support of gay marriage?

Co-worker 2: yeah, guess we'll get a new president soon.

Me: Not necessarily, it's a very polarized issue yes but with the split being nearly 50 50 I don't think it'll hurt him with his core group of supporters.

CW1: I disagree look at his supporters, black don't like and neither do Mexicans, that a big no-no with them.

Me: ~stunned silence for about a minute~ I guess we'll see in November....

CW2: It just aint natural.

Me: whats not natural about it?

CW2: Name me any animal that we depend on for survival that does that.

Me: Dolphins, Dogs...

CW1: Dogs do that to show dominance (I chuckled in my head), besides it says in the bible that it's wrong.

Me: It also says in the bible you should eat meat on Fridays.

CW2: What does that have to do with anything?

Me: just that people can't pick and choose what rules they want to follow.

CW1: this nation was founded on the bible, it's a Christian nation.

Me: I disagree,  I am not christian, yes the bible provide for a lot of the frame work for our constitution but there is still separation of church and state.

CW1: But they can't force us to accept it.

Me: And you can't deny others equal right because of a prejudice against a chosen lifestyle, this country was founded on freedom  and equal rights, granted it's taken us nearly 150 years to get something close to that but we are getting there. The state can not force the churches to marry anyone that the church would not approve of, however those same individuals can go to a court house and become legally bound. Why is it that when ever the topic of gay marriage comes up the people who oppose it always revert to "the bible says it's wrong" here's a little piece of information for future reference,  I really don't give a shit what the bible says about gay marriage. As far as the government is concerned they shouldn't either, that is the basic principle of separation of church and state, one can not force view and opinions on another and that is exactly what is happening you are forcing people into submission of your views based upon your religious convictions and that is wrong immoral and un-American. Stop and think if the tables were turned would you want to only be allowed to marry a member of the same sex.

At this point I went for a cigarette and left them in some what stunned silence, did I change their view, no but damn it felt good to say.

I should note that I did and still do have massive amounts of respect for these individuals, they are intelligent hard working Americans, we just so happen to disagree.

I take issues of equal right a little personal, it's what I believe I served for in the military, I may not always agree with what the government says or does but it is a government powered by the people so it is the people who must see reason and make change, that change can be slow sometimes but as long as people are willing to intelligently speak their mind change can be made, for the better.


  1. This country WASN'T built on a christian moral (alone) in the constitution (if I remember correctly) it was built to help those who where persecuted for there own religious beliefs.

    And besides, there are many things people LIKE to choose from the bible. Like no sex before marriage. But it's OK if the woman sleeps with another woman...riight?

    but that's the great thing about america. You can do anything you want.

    my fav line to say to this is - opinions are like assholes everyones got one.

  2. I couldn't have particiapeted in a conversation with a co-worker better. You hole your values very well and understand that basic human rights are not to be encroached on. Thank you Lord Foul.

  3. @Hollywood, You are correct, the framers of the Constitution used several preceding documents to establish the foundation for our country. The bible was a key factor, particularly the ten commandments, however, I believe most intelligent people would agree that it's a good guideline but not something that is a hard line. Freedom is a wonderful thing, but people often think that when exercising their freedoms they are exempt from allowing other people to exercise their freedoms.

    @WuShu, Thank you for your comments, :) you flatter me so.

  4. I just realized why you use the name LordFoul...I fucking LOVED the Artemis Foul books! Oh & great convo...glad to know where you stand & to know you too...<3

  5. Actually I've never read the "Artemis Fowl" book's but I did get the idea from a book series, can you guess which one?