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Monday, April 23, 2012

Talking heads and news media.

I'm just going to launch right into this rant, Ted Nugent is a fucking pussy, period. I was listening to him lambasting President Obama and preach like the blow hard he is to the NRA when someone put a little bug in my ear.

"Ted Nugent is a draft dodger."

Those who know me know how I would feel about this particular label and my feelings towards those who wear it so prior to me throwing the nuge in with the rest of the waste of existence gas bags who try to justify their feeling of self importance with phrases like "unjust war" or "I didn't vote for this."


This is America, we have freedoms that other countries dream about and those freedoms come at a steep price a price paid by the  blood sweat and tears of those who founded this nation and continues to be paid by those willing to do the same today.

I do not look down on anyway for choosing not to go into the military, today's armed service is volunteer and that is a great system, but back when the motor city madman received his draft notice he began planning a way to not stand with the rank and file and serve his country in it's time of need.

He decided to make himself as disgusting as possible while mocking those who went and served, his didn't bathe he pissed and shit on himself and acted ass insane as possible, then 40 years later he uses his "support" of the military to get himself name recognition. Fuck you, and fuck whatever sleazeball thought you were worth giving a shot too.

In other news I read an article today concerning multiple Marines and the murder of a Marines wife. I won't go into details about this Marine loosing his wife so tragically but there was an aspect of this story I found very interesting.

He is the Master of a poly household, the news media made sure to go into great detail about his S/m activities and his personal life choices despite the fact he is only listed as a "person of interest" and has not been formally charged with anything.

This pisses me of to no end, it is this type of behavior on behalf of the media and in many social circles that self perpetuates the idea that all lifestylers are insane sick and twisted sexual deviants with no sense of morals.

There is little that can be done to curb the thoughts about BDSMers apart from more of us going public and showing the world in all out freaky glory that what we do is actually quite fun, creative, safe and fosters and environment of learning.

I'm getting off my soap box, new photos coming out soon folks.

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