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Thursday, March 15, 2012

South by South Shoe?

So I'm in Austin Texas for South by South West and I noticed one common trend around here, EPIC FUCKING SHOES!!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a foot fetish, several of my blog posts have explained this and went somewhat in depth on this.

Even if you do not have a shoe or foot fetish it's very hard not too appreciate a good pair of shoes. since I have been here I have seen an unusual amount of awesome sexy and downright awkward foot wear. I decided to take some photos with my phone but sadly it was a little to late to catch all of them but I have selected 6 of my favorites to show you, my readers.

PAIR 1: This was an awesome pair of well loved and worn leather calf high boots. What caught my eye about these was the ankle strap and the rugged look...

PAIR 2: This pair was worn by a girl working at a booth in the EXPO she had on and awesome futuristic vinyl outfit. Clearly what stands out is the heel of this boot, it was all leather and mid-calf but the heel was hardened plastic and aesthetically pleasing.

PAIR 3: A little out of the ordinary but this was a wicker body shoe, this looked to be hand made and was actually quite cool looking. I love the zig zag pattern as well.

PAIR 4: Heels!!!! I love silver and I love heels and these are epic the woman wearing them had a skin tight blue body piece and these very sexy heels.
PAIR 5: I love boots that are worn hard and these were. They had some very nice studs and an interesting lacing system several of the eyelets had broken and the wearer had rigged it to work with 5 eyelets each.

PAIR 6: I saw these today, a pair of mid-calf sued leather with a Native-American style fringe and purple band.

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