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Sunday, October 9, 2011

What the FUCK happend to Christina Ricci!

Greeting my loyal readers. To update you on what Ive been doing, work and a shit tone of it, things are back under control now.

For my return post I decided to post something that has been bugging the living shit out of me for the past 4-5 days, what the fuck happened to Christina Ricci.

No I'm not talking about after the Ally Mcbeal Pan-Am crap or what ever other abortion shes been doing lately. those are the actions that are prompting this but I wish to take you back to a beautiful fun loving amazingly talented little girl who captured so perfectly the character of

Wednesday Addams...

Who can forget her portrayal off this darling little morbid curiosity. I can honestly say it was her best role to date.

in 1993 she resurrected her role of Wednesday(whose middle name is Friday) then in 95 she was cast in Casper as Kat Harvey the daughter of Dr. Harvey a somewhat fun loving movie kinda cute but ok.

She continued her dark roles as Shelly in the movie Pecker (I LOVE this movie)

In 1999 she took up the role of Katrina Von Tassel opposite Johnny Depp.

After that she filled a few roles in various movies and TV shows but she seems to have run her course as the dark gothy darling that many of us fell in love with.

Perhaps it has to do with the lack of roles that are available for such a character, it would be nice however if they were to properly bring back the Addams family as a television series I could see her as a delightful Morticia Addams.

If you cant tell Ive been on an Addams Family kick lately, I've been watching all the old episodes and the two movies constantly.

For my closing statement I want everyone to know Oct. 13th is Goth girl Appreciation Day and I will have a special post Featuring my all time favorite goth girls and actresses.   If you wish to be included or want to include someone in this tribute just send me a picture with a short caption and I will happily include it.

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