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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Sanctuary

Time for an update, ok long over due for an update but I've been busy (WE'VE HEARD THAT BEFORE!!!!!)

A lot has happend in the past two weeks, I'm going to do this chronologically. Two weeks ago I had the great pleasure to attend a whip master class put on by Master Dante at the Sanctuary. This was easily two of the most informative days I've had with whips (minus my two days of managing to beat my back into ground chuck attempting a Tasmanian Cutback)...

In the class Master Dante taught about keeping you whip on the same plane of movement and the consequence of not doing so. He taught us about maintaing the momentum of your whip and keeping it "inside the tracks".

Master Dante also preached consistency with your strikes and practicing, "practice above your level and play below" I believe is how he put it and it makes perfect sense.

Personally I have never seen anyone who is more natural with a whip in their hands, if you ever get the opportunity to attend a class with Master Dante, dive into it with both feet.

If you wish to check out some of Master Dante's work including videos and products you can check out his website at his website.

In more recent events I was given the great pleasure of performing a knife play demonstration at The Sanctuary, Kansas, first off if you have yet to attend an event and you live in the area, get off your ass. This place is beautiful and filled with some wonderful people. They post up new events often and provide the guidelines for attending.

The demo its self went very well I thought, I tried to gear it towards the basic's of knife play, along with safety and hygiene procedures, after the basics I did a brief demo on performing knife play for an audience and how to give a little "shock and awe" with minimal risk to you or you submissive.

**SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION** I am available to present at events on diffrent topics if anyone is interested, distance is a factor however. If you would like to discuss presentation opportunities then please E-mail me at


  1. Dante was amazing. Couldn't agree more on your assessment, LordFoul. An amazing talent with such passion for his craft, not to mention a delight to talk to.

    You know I'm an admirer of your talents, so I just wanted to say the demo you gave was well thought out and organized. All those in attendance enjoyed the demystification of blade play and the humor with which you infused the presentation.

    I get to post the first comment? Sweet!

  2. *blush* your words are too kind, there really is a lot that goes into edge play and trying to fit it into one class was way more difficult than I thought. I'm glad you enjoyed it.