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Friday, May 20, 2011


Ok it's been what a month, I'm sorry, my car broke down, I ran outta gas, I blew a Tire, the tow truck was late I NEED TO GET CLEAN UNDERWEAR.

Actually I've been very busy with work and other projects and the blog sort of slipped by the wayside, but I thought about you guys everyday I swear. then when I tried to actually log on the internet kept sending me back to google I really don't know why.

On the plus side I'll be posting new photos very soon (doing a shoot Sunday morning) I still haven't played in months which is quite sad but I think that will be changed soon and you might even get to see photos of me as a bottom and the beautiful after effects.

Seeing as I haven't given you guys and gals anything new in awhile I'm going to close this post with a video that always makes me smile.

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