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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mind of Oatmeal

Thats kinda what I have right now, no clue where this post is going, I'm barley sure of where I started already.

Well I was talking with a co-worker who is a very adept artist with symbols and ornate design when I asked him to design a logo for me that I later plan on commissioning to a signet ring and brand for when I begin making toys for sale.

I told him what is was looking to have done and he was questioning why the initials LF, this should be obvious to you all but to him it didn't add up, then he began asking questions such as "what does it mean", "why do you call yourself that" and "you do WHAT!!!!! to people."...

Little did i realize but during my tedious stint of data entry I had entered into a very personal part of my life with my co-workers all around me, under normal circumstances I would care except I don't work in normal circumstances and several of my fellow military members think I'm already off my rocker.

Now an aspect of my personal life has co mingled with that of my professional  and the questions never seemed to stop, but about the point where they asked me if sex was a big part of the lifestyle i had an epiphany, this is what it would be like if they re-pealed Don't Ask Don't Tell.

I'm not trying to get political by any means but it occurred to me that on the average an openly gay service member would undergo about the same scrutiny for their lifestyle choices as I had for mine, the only downfall is they might face a bit more hostility, we both currently face similar penalty for our lifestyle choices but theirs is viewed in a slightly more negative light, with the repeal of said policy though their choice would be legal ok while mine is still punishable.

I'm going to ponder this situation more over the next few days, however I think after DADT is taken care of we should work on other alternative lifestyle choices.

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