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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goth Choice Clothing Site

As many of you know I recently joined twitter. I opened my account today to find a very interesting add request, a company that until today was unknown to me, Goth Choice.

The site features many clothing items and accessories from Fuck The Mainstream, Lip Service, JINX, and T-Shirt Hell.

Apart from a large selection of click troughs to some of your favorite clothing lines the page art  is quite nice as well the logo features very cutsey gothic pin-up girls

Speaking of beautiful ladies Goth Choice also features several of the world famous suicide girls with direct link included in every photo.

My personal favorite feature though is the Stories section. In this portion the site owners provide you with links to stories concerning gothic art and culture something that i strive to do on a daily basis here. (and i can't find the news then by hell i'm gonna make the news).

The site is organized well and very user friendly, the only draw back i found was the random (placement not relevancy) product promotions on the right hand side, they could be slightly distracting but not a huge detractor from the site.

All in All i give this site 3.5 Coffins out of 5 (A rating system i am  now implementing) i highly recommend checking it out. and once you have come back and tell the others what you think.

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