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Monday, September 13, 2010

Germaine and Foamy

I've been wanting to write about one of my favorite flash toons for awhile now Neurotically Yours very own Foamy the Squirrel my sister set me onto this great cartoon about 6 years ago and i have been a loyal viewer ever since, now for those of you w  have not seen foamy please start here, go ahead watch it i'll wait.

Did you like it, did you like the jiggle jiggle jiggle... pervert it's ok i'm one too. But Foamy does have many good ideas views and rants to be enjoyed.

Now for my little Otakus please follow these rules

and now a little sample of my foamy love

Foamy isn't the only character in Neurotically Yours every ones favorite gothic poet noir Germaine, for those of you not in the loop Germaine is Foamy's human, an aspiring poet and musician the only problem is that the only instrument she can make money with is the skin flute. Her experience in the realm of sex are well documented (even more so after her weight gain).

Now we get to the point of this post, i find it sad that a cartoon squirrel has a better grasp on life and reality than the average politician in America and for that fact more than the average person to many people get wrapped up in thier own ass about what is politically correct and nice for everyone to hear, thats why i love the little family we have scattered throughout this great country, we understand what thick skin is and we know how to take a joke.

What do you think?

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