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Thursday, September 30, 2010

As promised here are the photos, these I found at Sinning in LA, which also has a nice story posted up about the evening. more photo's are to come but for now I am signing out big test tomorrow wish me luck, for now enjoy the photos.

P.S. Go visit Dr. Block and say hello from Lord Foul.

Here Exceter Miles gets tortured by (from left to right) Momma D, Boxcutter and Toy

Here we see Exceter agian being attacked, this happened a good 2 dozen time that night.

Exceter and Toy pose for a photo op.

Boxcutter and i pose for a photo to send home to mommy, lol.

Here we have Michael Simmons, Misstress O, our gracious host that night Dr. Susan Block, and myself

Here I am playinng with Boxcutter.
Edit: The first two of these photos were taken by JuxLii, please check back often for more Photos from Jux, I really like his work.

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