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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What the Fuck!

Ok for those who know me personally and those who read this blog on a regular basis you know I don't dive into politics on here. I love them but I wont soil the goodness of this blog with political bickering that amounts to little more than a dick measuring competition and pissing contest.

But this is an issue that has captured international attention (rightfully so) and I almost shit myself as I read it.

I read the news daily, google alerts, newspapers and the BBC news reel. I don't really care for any of the many American news agencies but I love BBC, I hit my app and start reading and a story hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Iranian Rape Victim is to be Freed From Prison" and so I read.

I read about how this woman was thrown in prison for two years for adultery after being raped and becoming pregnant from the encounter. When she appealed this insanity she was sentenced to 12 years!!!! Later on another appeal her sentence was reduced to 3.

What did the lovable little rapist receive, 7 years at one point the victim was going to be in jail LONGER THAN THE SLIMY WORM WHO BROKE THE LAW.

Oh what about the pregnancy, well she had the child and still does, in prison, this poor child is being raised in prison for her mom being raped.

What the fuck right, what kind of legal system allows such a thing to happen. Shiria, Arabic law, you see in most traditional Arabic countries, ones that follow Shiria view women as second class citizens, especially in a sexual context. A married woman cannot be raped by her husband, what I mean by that is it's not illegal for a husband to force himself on his wife for his own gratification.

Why do I mention this aspect, because for this woman to be granted her freedom from prison she has to marry the man who raped her. read that again please, let it sink in.

this man forced him self upon a woman, impregnated her and she is now forced to either marry him or stay in prison, and once married he can force her into having sex as often as he likes.

I have a deep respect for other cultures, Arabic ones included, I've spent a fair amount of time Arabic countries and have a deep respect for a lot of there methods and ways. But this type of insanity is exactly why these countries stay in the stone age. they isolate themselves from the outside world by hanging onto barbaric traditions because they fear change, they fear loss of control over a full portion of their population. well I have a message for those people. the world is here, people know, you can't hide your actions from the rest of the world anymore we see what you do, it will not be tolerated .

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