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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Expanding your toy bag on a budget.

This is something I've wanted to write about for awhile now, and considering that I finally have some time to dedicate to it, LETS DO IT!!!!! (or something similar)

So I got my freshly brewed sweet tea and my romen and I'm ready to go.

In these tough economic times expanding your toy bag with professionally made toys can be expensive, but what I hope to do here is show you some good in-expensive alternatives.

Paddles can be substituted quite easily, for about $5 you can get some large wooden spoons from Wa-Mart, I believe there is even a fetish for wooden spoons specifically. large wooden and metal rulers can also be purchased fairly easily from Lowe's. I have also seeing oars used to great effectiveness. I recently wrote about a demo at the sanctuary, if you remember I told you about the spankology class given by The Souless Ginger she explain how large hard back book can be a fun and effective means to paddling someone...

If you want a good little warm up paddle paint stirring sticks can be purchased very cheaply and most hardware stores, WARNING these are made of very light wood and will break with the application of to much force, please use these for warm up or shock effect only.

If you're into edge and knife play Wal-mart has a great selection of pocket knives under $10, or one of my personal favorite toys the dentek dental tools.

These things are amazing and at Wal-Mart for less than $5, These have become a staple in my toy bag and I originally bought them to clean my candle-stick holder collection (as  soon as I opened them I dragged one across my skin and changed my purpose for them).

Now if you're a bit sadistic (you know you are) construction marking flags can prove to be very effective, you can either leave the flags on them for a nice visual effect or cut them off with some wire snips, these work quite effectively as canes.

These can be purchased at Lowe's in a bundle for about $17, if you wish to make canes of varying width's you can bind several of them together using a nice metal epoxy and perhaps some twine at the base.

Hope these ideas help someone out there, how have you improved your bag on a budget?


  1. we have taken a braided leather belt, unbraided it (forgive me i dont know technical terms of how he did it) attached them to a peice of broomstick, and then covered the handle with a peice of scrap leather... nice and stingy. we have also taken different pieces of leather clothing apart and used the pieces to make floggers. some examples can be seen on our fetlife profiles, or just ask and we can send pics.. my most favorite are numchucks we got at a flea market and turned into swivel handles for floggers. oh and one of the battery operated toothbrushes.. makes intresting sounds and feelings.

  2. Beautiful ideas, I think I'll try some of these soon myself. I do have an old leather jacket I don't use anymore.

  3. I know of lots of people who turn belts into straps for spanking. Also you can put a condom inside the core to a roll of toilet paper, fill it with water and use it for a frozen dildo. I recommend using this outside on a hot day to cool down and you won't have to worry about cleaning up the mess from the melting going on. ;)