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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things that never cease to piss me off

Dear Readers, I have been absent as of late, I have no good excuse apart from being tired and focused else where, for this I'm sorry.

I will try to make it up to you with this post.

Hardware stores are a common destination for kinksters, understandably so, the have rubber, metal, wood and power tools, the main ingredients to a nicely brewed kinkster stew tasty yummy kinky stew... ANYWAY i love hardware store and like alot of people i go to the big brand stores, Lowes or Home Depot and of the two I must say Lowes is head and shoulders above Home Depot.

"But why, is Lowes cheaper, or have a wider selection."

No it actually has nothing to do with the stores them selves, apart from the colors they are basically the same stores, same inventory, same prices, same layout and most often found right next to each other.

"WHY WHY WHY", I hear you asking....

Leadership, plain and simple, Lowes has better leadership than Home Depot and i don't mean JUST at the store level, the leadership has got to be at the national level down to the shift managers and it shows, good leadership always does and I'll tell u how I know how high up it goes.

A few weeks ago I was feeling creative and I decided to wander around a hardware store and see what inspired me, so I walked around for about and hour and a half up and down each isle seeing what they had, cataloging certain items and combining them in my mind.

I finally settled on what I was gonna make and began looking for the pieces I needed, some were difficult so I began looking for someone who worked there.

At this point I would like to bring you back two paragraphs, where I said I was walking around for an hour and a half, guess what didn't happen that whole time go on guess...  Figure it out yet? NO ONE ASKED ME IF I NEEDED HELP!!!! they never came up to see if I was ok, if I was lost NOTHING!!! so I walk from one end of the store to the other looking down the aisles and I don't see a single employee, NONE.

So I got up to the check out counter and find the lone checkout girl who call for assistance 15 minutes later someone shows up, and they can't help me, so they radio another person. after 2 and a half hours of trying to track down the items I need I ask for the manager, another 25 minute wait, gee I'm sure glad I didn't have other shit I was wanting to do today.

So the manager shows up and my first question is how many people does he have on the floor? after about 5 minutes of pondering he says and I quote "5 I think, 6 with me I guess", This is ridiculous, here is a man in charge of an entire warehouse store and he can't figure out how many people are working, what the fuck, and this has been a common trend at many Home Depots, understaffed by lazy and stupid individuals.

Needless to say I go to Lowes, within the first 2 minutes of walking in I saw a minimum of 10 emplyees on the floor, all of the busy, but not to busy to see if I needed help, which I did, and one employee walked me from place to place ensuring I got the items I needed, notice I said one employee, I wasn't passed from person to person like some cheap Thai hooker in a group of sailors I was given attentive personal care, like one of those sailors, and my whole shopping experience was over in about 35 minutes.

As I was leaving I asked for the manager in about 5 minutes hee was standing in front of me ready to listen to whatever I had to say, so naturally I asked him how many people he had working today, to which he replied 28... No 27 (I forgot the girls name) had an appointment. I then thank him and complamented his entire staff and left.

That's what I mean by leadership from the national level down, Corporate ensure each store is appropriately staffed with personnel, Regional Managers ensure the store managers are using their people appropriately and that their stores are operating smoothly. and most importantly that store manager knew his store, he KNEW his people, and his people KNEW that, which reflected in their work and their demeanor.

The other thing that pissed me off also had to do with customer care, after leaving the lake one night my friend and I stopped by a Sonic, I like Sonic, the food is decent and some of their treats are fantastic, but not this night, I convinced my friend to order some food as well, about 45 seconds after I placed my order, now this was at 11:45 at night, Sonic closes down at 12:00, when we hit the button again they tell us they wont make anymore food, my natural reaction is, What the fuck, everyone has 15 more minutes to put in a order, but my friend excepts it, ok so around 11:55 all the light get shut off, there are still 5 cars not including our in the parking slots with people eating and they shut everything down, now I'm pissed.

This is the kind of behavior that causes me to avoid your place of business and tell all of my good readers about it, now sonic is normally a good place in my opinion, a little slow but not enough to stop me from going. but Home Depot, that is a self destructive company with a piss poor business plan. die Die DIE!!!!!

Finally I would like to quote u a conversation I recently had that almost got me into serious trouble.

Pain in my ass: "We need to talk about your people sneaky around and stealing food from the 7th level!"

Me: "Is there security on that floor?"


"Are there people in the elevators leading to that floor?"


"Did your security see them and in fact allow them into the area they were in?"


"Ok, then that is a problem for you and yoour security team, not me, why did you do our promotion with out our people?"

"I came to  your booth and there was no one there."

(at this point i got a little excited)"Bullshit, I was there and so was one of my colleagues and we never saw..."

"Ok you are being loud and abusive and I am calling security to have u ad your people removed, and I want to talk to your boss and tell him about your abusive and psychotic behavior."

and so the pain in my ass did, and it caused all kinds of issues. People anymore can't deal with confrontation or counter confrontation, if they begin to verbally assault someone and that person pushes back, they cry abuse and anger issues becuase honestly alot of people are just pussies anymore.

and the last thing that pissed me off, Boehner, and if you don't know what that name means then you don't pay enough attention to the news (applicable to those in Europe and North America only)


These MOUTH BREATHING SLACK JAWED DROOL COVERED SNOT EATING FESTERING-PUSS FILLED BAGS OF ASS that drive on Missouri roads have got to die, plane and simple how is it when i'm driving 8 miles over the speed limit in the fast lane that these people get right up on my ass in a two lane road and flash their fucking brights at me. fucking ass hats.

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