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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An interview with Lily Cade

Lord Foul: Greeting my loyal readers, we have a very special treat for today's post, the beautiful and talented Ms. Lily Cade has agreed to sit down and talk with us for awhile. Lily I have to ask, what was your first experience in Adult Entertainment?

Lily Cade: I did a girl/girl scene with Capri Cavalli for her website. I answered her ad on craigslist. She actually came to my house before the shoot to pick out clothes. I was supposed to be the innocent never-been-with-a-girl-before girl, but the camera guy took one look at me and changed the scene. I've never seen this scene....

LF: They didn't give you a copy of it after you were done shooting it?...

LC: No. The only times I've been given copies of content was when it was shot on a trade basis. Sometimes, I'll get a copy of a DVD I'm in after the DVD comes out.

LF: Interesting, well I'm sure my readers want to get to know a bit more about you, where did you grow up?

LC: I'm from L.A. I went to High School in Woodland Hills, college at Cal Tech and U.S.C.

LF: So you've always been a city girl lol.

LC: Well, I did live on a farm in Kentucky for a while. To be honest, I'd love to live somewhere more rural but it's not really practical with what I do.

LF: I don't know, I've seen some very nice farm themed porn's. Did you live the full farm experience, milking cows, riding horses and such?

LC: It was a racehorse farm (my family was involved in that business). I got up every morning (and I mean every morning - I didn't have weekends off) and moved horses into the barn, fed them, helped with vet and farrier, helped trailer mares to the breeding shed, broke yearlings for the track. I also had a second job breaking other yearlings for the farm down the road I've been riding since I was a kid, and I still have two horses.

LF: Wow, I must admit I did picture you for a horse breaker.

LC: S&M and horses have a lot in common.

LF: They do at that.

LC: I mean, there's the obvious equipment similarities, but there's also a similar mindset to some extent. Horse, this is what you are going to do and that's just how it is. Most horses like to know what the rules are. They like having a leader. They don't like being confused or not knowing what they are supposed to do.

LF: So does that mean you're the one who taught Jamey Janes to break men lol.

LC: I think she learned that back in the old country.

LF: So while you were on the farm is that when you were in high school or before?

LC: It was after college, before porn. I also worked on some other farms in the summers in high school but that was in CA.

LF: So what was your college experience like, what did you study?

LC: I went to Cal Tech for biology. I was this total science kid in high school - president of math club, captain of the science bowl team, you get the idea. I went there for two years, but I realized that lab work wasn't what I wanted to do, so I transferred to U.S.C. to go to film school.
My degree is officially in "cinematic arts."

LF: A Scientifically gifted, degree holding cinematic artist who breaks horses and is a porn star, if that's not living the American Dream then nothing is I take it you wanted to work in the film industry then.

LC: Yeah. I thought it would be mainstream film, but I like porn better. I still work on some non-porn projects. I always wanted to make films that were explicit but also films, something in the vein of Shortbus, but so far that hasn't happened yet.

LF: I take it for not much for the politics of the modern Hollywood film industry then.

LC: Yeah, that can be frustrating.

LF: So what where you doing before you answered the craigslist ad that put you into the porn industry?

LC: I had just come back from Kentucky because my wife needed to finish school (she's also a U.S.C. grad). I was bumming around, taking P.A. work and extra work and random film jobs.

LF: So you had already met and married your wife at this point, how long have you two been together now?

LC: We've been married for two and a half years, together for five and a half. We got married right after we got back from Kentucky because gay marriage was legal in CA and we were worried that Prop 8 would pass (which it did). I'm not saying we regret the decision, we don't, but if the situation had been different we wouldn't have gotten married while she was still in school and we were broke. I was 23, she was 21.

LF: That can be a tough position to be in. how did she take your decision to move into porn?

LC: We'd always had an open relationship, so the sex with other people part wasn't an issue. She alternates between thinking it's hot and being indifferent to it.

LF: So we fast forward a few years, you've made a name for yourself in porn and you branch out into directing. What was that change like?

LC: I always wanted to direct! Last year, I started looking around for opportunities to do some small scale production, and I found HomeGrown Video. I started producing content for them using a friend's camera, then saved up enough to buy my own equipment. I showed my HomeGrown scenes to Girlfriends Films, who hired me to direct a movie that hasn't come out yet. My feature debut, though, I kind of lucked into.

LF: Art School Dykes correct.

LC: Yes. I showed up on time to set for an orgy scene. I was the only girl on time and I had time to talk to the director of that movie. He liked my style, and my ideas, and he let me direct a movie of my own. We had some budget constraints, so the script got cut down from what I had wanted, but overall I'm really happy with it. Nightingale Pictures and I agree on a lot of things - particularly cinematography.

LF: I remember discussing cinematography when we met at Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy. Given your degree you mentioned that you wanted to see better portrayal, if I'm not mistaken, of the sex scenes in porn, for it to be more like a Hollywood feature correct?

LC: Yes. I like my porn artfully shot. It's harder to do because you need talented people and you can't just point the camera on auto focus at the sex. I'm not saying that the whole thing is choreographed, but that the camera person needs to have a good eye. I think chemistry is also vitally important to good porn. Like I said before, what I wanted to do when I went to film school was make films that were explicit but not necessarily porn. I ended up on the porn side of things, but that's still my preferred aesthetic - porn that is more cinematic.

LF: I think it would be very refreshing, and I've noticed a lot of porn's that are incorporating story line and cinematography are becoming far more successful, Fashionistas and Pirates to name a few.
Now you said that Art School Dykes was up for an award correct.

LC: Yes, it's up for a Feminist Porn Award They take place April 13-15

LF: So we will know very soon. That's very impressive too, for first feature as a director get nominated, are you excited?

LC: Absolutely!

LF: If you could have done something different with ASD what would you have done?

LC: I had a longer script, which I would have liked to have shot. We just didn't have a lot of time.
Like I said, I'm still happy with the finished product. It's got good sex scenes, it's shot well, and it's fun. I think the best scene is the first one, with India Summer and Cadence St. John. I saw them together in the orgy scene we were all in, and I just had to get them together one on one.

LF: Given an unlimited budget, as much time as you want and full creative control what would be your ideal movie to shoot?

LC: I know exactly what I'd shoot. I have this movie script that I'd had for a while which is about two girls on the run from the law. The one girl is a lesbian, the other one is (supposedly) straight. There's a lot of sex in the movie, obviously, but the main characters don't get together until the end. Ideally, I'd like to do it so it was releasable as both a standard porn with the 30-40 minute sex scenes, and a short film with edited sex scenes.

LF: It sounds like a good romantic story.

LC: Yeah, that's the point. It's kind of an action/romance/porn

LF: I think Hollywood is gonna get left in the dust. lol. You describe yourself as the 100% lesbian Porn Star, have you encountered problems with your sexuality in the business?

LC: Sort of. When I first got into porn I was told that I wouldn't make it with my look. The agents didn't want me. I resolved to try anyway, and I've been pretty successful. I still get crap from people about being gay, but it's the kind of stuff I can brush off easily. You know, guys who are kind of in the business will come up to me and start these you-just-haven't-had-the-right-dick kinds of conversations. I just tell them same to you.

LF: HAHA, beautiful answer, If you ever were to leave the porn industry what would be you next choice as a line of work?

LC: I'm working on some mainstream screenplays and a mainstream sitcom pilot. Doing that successfully would be my ideal other-than-porn job.

LF: I certainly hope those take of for you. Are there any projects we should be looking for from you in the near future?

LC: Well, I directed a movie for Girlfriends Films featuring all real lesbian couples. I'm not sure when that's going to be released. I'm doing more work as a director for Nightingale after the Feminist Porn Awards. As a performer, my most recent releases are HomeMade Girlfriends 9 (I'm on the cover) and Lesbians on Patrol.

LF: Outstanding, ok let's close it off with our 5 quick hits, are you ready?

LC: Yep.

LF: Ok Question 1. Favorite Movie?

LC: Ok this is actually a really hard question.

LF: lol I thought it might be.

LC: I'm going to go with Children of Men for today.

LF: Question 2. Favorite Song?

LC: Wilder Than Her - but the Dar Williams cover, not the original.

LF: Question 3. Favorite Food?

LC: Lemon butter salmon.

LF: Question 4. Favorite book?

LC: The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

LF: Question 5. Favorite position?

LC: Up against a wall, outside or in a club.

LF: HA wonderful, well Lily I can not thank you enough, would you like to hand out any websites, your twitter or anything like that?

LC: Yes. My site is and my twitter is lily_cade

LF: Lily thank you again.

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