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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good Times

San Diego was a lot of fun for the first time ever, I always have the worst luck in that city. Work was entertaining and more fun than work should be.

The group i was with tore up the bars quite a bit and someone even has video of me, I'll post it when I get it.

we spent most of our night at the Shout House on the outskirts of the Gas Lamp District with a few forays to the beach.

I never would have thought teachers would have some of the conversations that I had heard but there it was. In particular listening to a bunch of Educators running through a simulated combat course shouting "KILL" as they stabbed Bayonets into dummies was hilarious.

While there I caught up on my sunburn a little bit and I'm now a nice shade of lobster and put on about 5 lbs from all of the awesome food we ate out there.

What would have to be the high light of the trip for me was our outing to In And Out Burger, mmm I love that Double-Double.

The weather was beautiful, it got as low as a chilly 65 and as high as a scorching 80, they have it so hard there.

But now I must get ready for work, and clean up the house a bit.

Till next time my loyal readers.

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