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Monday, March 14, 2011

Safety (For Vanillias)

Ok I've been wanting to post this for awhile but do to recent events i have been distracted with personal drama and inane bullshit (Those who know me understand) but I know have time to write this post for my vanilla readers out there.

I get this question a lot from my vanilla friends.

"Isn't beating someone with all those weapons dangerous?"

Why yes yes it is, but there are was to make it safe, fun and mitigate unwanted injuries...

The first thing you want to do is learn your toy's no matter what you use. Floggers, crop, slapper, switches, knives, pin wheels they all have a proper and improper manner of use.

The second thing you want to know is your strike zones, these are areas on the body with more meat and muscle tissue that can sustain more damage. you have 4 strike zones, left shoulder/back right shoulder/back, left ass cheek and right ass cheek.

Next you want to know your target and by this I mean your bottom or sub. Know their pain levels, sensitive areas and what they like/don't like. Never forget this experience is more about them than it is you.

Safe Words: Ok who though of Banana or Massachusetts when they read this, well I personally feel that make your safe word something like that is a little ridiculous and most fetish circles Ive been in bring them up as common jokes. The purpose of the safe word is to communicate very fast what condition the sub is in. A very simple set of words is green, yellow and red. Green means your to light go harder. Yellow easy up or switch toys it's starting to hurt. Red is stop I'm done give me after care. If any of you have seen a sub in subspace you may well know they can't always speak coherently or the Dom may not be able to hear them so have a back up signal, raise your left leg for yellow or right for red. Safe words are a precaution for a reason, even if it is some off the wall thing use  them no matter what play your do.

Finally sanitation, before and after each play session wipe down your toys with either rubbing alcohol or and industry approved toy cleaner, this will prevent the spreading of bacteria and infection. All edges knives and other metal implements should be passed under flame as well to burn off any blood or bacteria that accumulated during playing or while in your toy bag.

Now lets dive a little deeper into the most common toys.

Floggers: For the most part are an impact toy, you want to strike with the top 1/3 of the falls on any of the 4 target areas, be sure to avoid going to high on the shoulder as this can cause a dangerous wrap-around, as well avoid the kidneys and impact damage can cause severe internal injuies. Be sure you have a lot of practice with a non living target before you begin to use these on a real person.

Crops: Are impact as well and much easier to control these can cause a light teasing sensation or a hard sting, they are great for a beginner toy and won't cause much damage if your strike falls off its mark.

Paddles: probly the most popular toy amongst vanillas cause the use seems simple enough, and it is pull back and swing, however with this one you want to avoid use on the back, the hard material used to make paddles can crack or break a rib or shoulder bone. Keep strike to the ass and  try to avoid the kidneys and the thighs.

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind if you are watching or wish to participate in a play session. Like most things in life we train very hard and many hours to master what we do and we do that because it is dangerous, If you are thinking of playing  please seek a mentor to teach you what to do. Unnecessary injuies and embarrassing trips to the hospital can be prevented.

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