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Sunday, March 20, 2011


In my life events have happened that have brought me to new ways of seeing and understanding the world around me and myself.

I believe these are called epiphanies, sometimes they come from good things, sometimes they come from bad and sometimes they come from good things that feel bad.

I don't know what one this came from but I realized that I have done stuff in my past that may have hurt people close to me and even pushed them away from me and for that I am truly sorry.

It never was or is my intention to hurt people especially those who mean a lot to me, those that I love and care for, all I can hope is that with time what pains I may have caused may heal.

With that said I am feeling the need for healing myself so I have decided to take a 1-2 month hiatus from the lifestyle and work on my photography and bass playing. these are two things Ive always enjoyed and wanted to take some time to pursue more seriously and now seems as good a time as any.

The cathedral will still be running and I will post regularly but there won't be any play or fetish pics for while (Minus the photos I get from JuxLii from my last LA visit).

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