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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good bad Sci-Fi

I'm in the mood for some GOOD bad Sci-Fi, yes you read that correctly.

With most things you have 4 levels, awful bad good and amazing but Sci-Fi has it's own unique level one the surpasses all others and that level is good bad.

What is good bad my non Sci-Fi readers are probly wondering right now. well for you and only you I will do my best to explain it.

Just like every genre fans have their favorites, the movies or shows they can watch over and over again these often inspire debates arguments divorce and reasonably justified homicide. The most classic of these debates (and most lethal) is Star Wars Vs. Star Trek, both awesome in their own respects however fans will argue for their choice with more passion than they would trying to convince so poor drunk woman to take their V card...

Then there are bad Sci-Fi such as Chronicles of Riddicck a movie so awful Vin Diesel should never be allowed to grow hair agian... oh hes not, good.

Good bad are movies no one really argues over, their plots acting and interpretations of what a Sci-Fi fan wants are so far off the mark that the movie is set aside for those special occasion when everyone needs to shut their brains down and go offline for awhile.

A good bad Sci-Fi will have the elements need for good Sci-Fi, your tech or mutations or both, your some what corny plot that allows your  to move your story around a simple subject and your eye candy.

It also has the elements of bad Sci-Fi, over complication of plot or story line, Tech or mutation with continuity errors large enough to park the Titanic in and  the worst of all NO EYE CANDY,

My good bad Sci-Fi of choice is Tremors, I own them all, every movie and every TV show and it just gets progressively worse better. In the first movie they were leaning towards good, until escaping this valley got overly complicated (if you've seen it you know) and then no eye candy (sorry Rebba but you just didn't do it for me)

By the time they hit the series you had Asian eye candy Mexican eye candy and even barley legal eye candy and you could watch them paint themselves into a storyline corner.

Please if you get the chance watch this series until then grab your favorite good bad Sci-Fi and take the afternoon off.

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  1. Lol, I own all the Tremors too! My good bad sci-fi of choice are most 50's era B-movies.Including the more popular ones like "The Fly" but also ones most people have not heard of like "Wasp Woman".