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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Budweiser Brewery

Ok, I know I promised this awhile ago but better late than never, as some of you know I recently visited St. Louis home of many great site and tourist attractions and one the best is the Anhieser-Busch first brewery.

This IS the short of my tour there.


The long of it actually includes my pictures.

I was naturally excited when I was told we would get a chance to visit this holy land of alcoholicsahh the benefits of power.

The first thing we were greeted by was of course a Christmas Tree.  Many of you know about my aborment of Christmas being established to early, well relax this was just about the right time of year to start seeing decorations.

the front foyer had some wonderful Budweiser memorabelia and objects fro  it's long and illustrious history.

Now here is something i didn't know but Anhieser busch also makes Michelob
Now when Budweiser hit their million brewing mark the put out a limited edition gold bottle

After the inroductions at the main building we visited the stable with the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales.

I can think of about 800 things to do with that bridel, each of these are custom made made for each of the Clydesdales ti ensure maximum comfort.

I love these chandeliers, there were dozens of them through out the complex and each one was beautifuly done.

To drink one of those tank you would have to drink one beer every hour for 113  years, i'm half way there.

The beer is fermented over beechwood chips for 21 days to give it's alcoholic content and carbonation.

This was a beautiful of Aldofus Busch in the main brewhouse. Very Prussian

Some more art they had in the brewhouse

These are from inside the brewhouse, the garbage can looking things contain the hops, and even in here the chandeliers are beautiful.

The Clock Tower.
This i found very interesting, this was a school house on the brewery grounds in the early 1900's the property was baught by the brewery once the school was shut down for obvious reason (I thought it was a good idea) and turned into the main admin building
This was the bottleing and packaging facility, Laverin and Shirley anyone.

And finally a German Stien, beautiful, just beautiful. and I belive that is the old Prussian emblem.

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