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Monday, November 1, 2010


A few weeks ago I met Kelly Shibari at Dr. Susan Blocks Speakeasy and she was telling me about a site she had set up called Padded Kink.

The basic premise behind her site was that while a lot of BBW are into BDSM fetish and kink, they don't get featured in filming, photo or other forms of media that are popular on the net, Shibari set out to change that....

I just got done with a preliminary look at Padded Kink and folks I am impressed, the site it's self is easy to understand and navigate but what truly blows me away is the beautiful display of women and men comfortable with their own bodies and their own desires.

Shibari encourages people of all shapes and sizes to pursue their fetishes and there kink.

The site includes both photo and video montages as well as promos for the Padded Kink which are expertly done and focus well on the aspects of play and enjoyment.
The site also contains a blog, much like this one, that focuses on kink and fetish however it looks at it from the viewpoint of the BBW sub or Domme as well as literature and new content on the site.

Shibari in my opinion is expertly using her openness and notability as a pornstar to help other women become more comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality.

Viewers are given the option of Membership for a nominal fee.

Site Members get access to over 120 videos and photos and over 30 kinky stories involving BBW in different situations, content is updated every week.


Photos courtesy of Kelly Shibari and

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