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Monday, November 8, 2010

I Hate you Wal-Mart

Ok, this has nothing to do with BDSM or fetish, just with being pissed off.

If the title didn't give it away I hate Wal-Mart, with a white hot flaming passion from the bowels of my most hated hatred covered place.

HATE YOU!!!!!!!

Let me explain, I had a long day at  work, I was tired, I needed a can opener. I went to cook an Italian dish the other night, it called for mushrooms, I love mushroom, I was going to have my mushrooms..

I  quickly learned i lost my can open, sad face, I cut the can open with a knife, I had my mushrooms, happy face, but this still left me with out a can opener, so I resolved my self to go to Wal-Mart and get one, and a few other things I've been needing.

I normally despise Wal-Mart but it's tolerable, now note the date, it's November 7th, it was 70 degrees in Kansas City today, there is something wrong with that to begin with, but I digress, I walk in, pry my cart free from the clutches of the wild beast of a metallic creature that keeps the ever useful carts in it's iron jawed grips.

I walk through the door and almost right into A FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE, WTF, Let me state the date again NOVEMBER FUCKING 7TH PEOPLE why the fuck is there a goddamn Christmas tree in the middle of Wal-Mart

There where Christmas decorations and music and WHY FOR THE HOLLY MOTHER OF THE CHRISTIANS GOD WHY!!!!!!!

This is getting ridiculous  two months away and the stores are already pushing Christmas, and why to pad there goddamn profit margins.

I like Christmas, the spirit of it anyway, but the way that it gets shoved down our throat, and our kids are tricked into guilting us for the latest toys, it's complete and utter bullshit, and I believe we can stop it and it begins and ends with the parents.

Take time to teach your kids love doesn't come with a dollar sign, take them away from the TV and the shotgun blast of AD's they are hit with daily.

Major corporations, you're to blame to CUT IT OUT, now before I introduce you to a wall to wall counseling.


  1. i might add that actually most stores that change their floor plans for each major holiday usually have x-mas stuff up nov 1.. they don't give Halloween a day after to bask...

    it sucks cause Halloween is my favorite holiday...

  2. There were so many spelling and grammar mistakes in this...but I digress, YOU ALMOST RAN INTO A CHRISTMAS TREE?!?!?!? hahahahahahahaahaha

  3. Yes, well I walk into that Wal-Mart once or twice a week, and out of no where a 10 foot fucking ever green, I shoulda ran the damn thing over.