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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fet in the mainstream 3

I can't help it, I try and I try but every time i turn around i see a fetish influence on American and world culture, this most recent brush i had was in the critically acclaimed show Family Guy.

The first ever instance I noticed was where Louise and Peter are dressed in Fetish Wear, I tried to find a clip or two from these shows but I was unable, If anyone has them please post a link, however I did find this one.


Now for those of you who havn't seen the show Family Guy deals mainly with flash and satire, they do very few storyline jokes but they have a great mix of low and highbrow humour, sort of a shotgun blast at the audience.

But one thing they have done, even if most people don't realize it, is they have placed fetish in the American home, they have made it a normalized facet in everyday Americans life, weather it's Lois and Peter spicing up there sex life, or the beginning of Stewies own sexual fantasies, they have taken the taboo that we live everyday and made it just a little bit more acceptable.

I was hopping to have more video clips to illustrate my point, but I'm going to assume most of you are fans of the show and already came to the same conclusions as me.

So despite my many differing views with Seth Mcfarlane I want to say thank you for your assistance in making what we do just a little more acceptable.


Update, Found this one just now

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