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Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Interview with Amber Berlin

Readers, I had a chance to get to know Miss Amber Berlin a little bit better and I wanted to share the experience, so for you pleasure here is an in depth interview with a foot fetish queen.

 Lord Foul: So, you are very well known for those lovely feet of yours, would you say that's what walked you into stardom? ....

 Amber Berlin: hm. It's not what brought me into the adult industry, and I actually have quite a few followers from my pole dancing career.

LF: really

AB: I wouldn't call myself a "star" by any means, especially living in Los Angeles, but my feet are definitely my most popular "feeture" if you will

LF: Ok, going back a little bit, what brought you into the adult industry?  And i will :)

AB: I was definitely kinky in my private life, and I randomly got offered a chance to dance one night at a strip club. I took the manager up on the offer, since it was no strings attached with all profit. I loved it and became a stripper!
Stripping wasn't enough for me, though, because it was too easy and not very interesting. I started to notice a few clients with foot fetishes getting particularly interested in my feet and expressing delight in them

I separated from club dancing and just focused on pole dancing, since I'm very good at it and was able to perform at large events, including Beat Me in St. Louis, Bikerpalooza, and others. It was much more fun teaching and performing that way!

I also branched off into foot worship, which, along with my private life interests, led me to pro-Domme land. I love both of those, but focus mostly on foot worship at this point in my career

LF: So is that when you discovered your foot fetish, while you were stripping?

AB: Yes. I remember clients tipping me in my shoes and telling me to not dance during lap dances they'd purchased. They wanted to massage my feet, and after traipsing around in ten-inch heels all night, a massage was SO welcomed!

LF: I can Imagine

AB: My first private session was a little terrifying; I wasn't sure what to expect

LF: Would you tell us about it?

AB: Of course!

AB: I'd always thought my feet were too long for the rest of my body proportions, and people used to make fun of me about my long feet and toes. My first session was with a gentleman from Italy. It was booked through a third party who'd offered to hook me up with foot fetish clients and screen them for me. It was so nerve-wracking because I was used to showing up and dancing at parties, but not one-on-one.

I was concerned about safety, but had my "booker" looking out for me. I had no idea what the client liked, so I just brought a cute little baby doll dress and a pair of matching stripper heels (baby blue platforms)

LF: Sexy!

AB: I changed at his place, and he made me a drink to make me more comfortable. He laid on the floor and just smelled my feet for at least twenty minutes! He commented on how much he loved every aspect of my feet- particularly how LONG they are! I remember being shocked that anyone liked my feet THAT much, and I had to force myself to not continually ask, "REALLY??"

I was so flattered by his compliments and his obsession with my feet, and our session was incredibly intimate. I left with a huge boost of self-esteem surrounding my impression of my feet.

LF: Wonderful!  If you had to chose one other kink/fetish to participate in besides foot, what would it be?

AB: If I had to narrow it down? Oh goodness. This is a terribly hard question.

LF: We like things hard in the Cathedral

AB: HA! We like things hard in Amber Berlin foot sessions as well ;) Well, in "foot" are you including trampling, etc.?

LF: I am

AB: Ok. I'd say financial domination, since it would give me a loophole to be able to do all the other things I like too! Haha.

LF: Hahaha.  Do you have any up coming or current projects you would like to tell the readers about?

AB: I'm looking into starting my own regularly occurring foot parties, with help of course. As for current projects, I'm enjoying working with and helping market and getting my old things to new owners... such as stockings, shoes, etc. :) I really like the format of doing live foot shows with foot lovers who can't be in the area

LF: Now you're talking about webcam of course, Right?

AB: Sort of. It's for the iPhone 4, iPod touch, or Skype so we get most clients from their phones, but there are several who use webcam

LF: So people can have foot fetish while foot mobile, very nice.

AB: Exactly. Will you be discussing our session on your blog? You have a firsthand experience with  my toes :)

LF: That's right I do, and what glorious feet they are :), for those who have not been as lucky as I to grace your feet do you have a website that they can visit?

AB: Not at this time. I'm re-formatting everything, so for the moment I'm just found on twitter, facebook, and myspace. Or your readers are welcome to email me directly, Oh, and of course fetlife :)

LF: Wonderful, I'm sure your E-mail will soon be bursting, so do you mind if i finish you off with our five quick hits?

AB: I'm not sure what that means

LF: Not a Problem, It's not as bad as it sounds, Its 5 quick answer question, but you're not allowed to think about them, you have to answer off the top of your head, or from the soles of your feet in this case.

AB: Love it! Absolutely.

LF: Ok Question 1. Favorite Movie

AB: Zoolander

LF: Question 2. Favorite Song

AB: It's a song by The Used, here we go, i caught fire i just know how it sounds haha sorry

LF: Question 3. Favorite Food

AB: strawberry cheesecake

LF: Question 4. Favorite book

AB: invisible cities

LF: Question 5. Favorite position

AB: hmmm, tough one

LF: no thinking, Haha

AB: Ilike them all so much, any one where my toes can get in someone else's mouth

LF: Judges,.... Yes we will accept that
AB: haha

LF: Amber it has been a pleasure to interview you, any parting words?

AB: Thank you so much- both for our session and for this fun interview! I love your blog and can't wait to become a part of it :)

~Editors note, This Interview was transposed in its entirety, the only edits made were made by me for grammatical corrections and flow of the interview.~


  1. Only one question I want to know: What size shoes does she wear?

  2. To Answer your question she wears a 9 to a 9.5

  3. Beautiful interview, but too short. I am sure lots of admirers would love to learn more about Amber.

  4. I concur, I'm going to use the scapegoat of this interview taking place VERY late, lol. I am glad you liked it though