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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Sensation

A friend of  mine asked me to post about one of my favorite aspects of "the lifestyle" and that would be sensory play.

This is a fairly good definition of sensory play i found here

"Sensory deprivation is a form of play used in BDSM to take a submissive or bottom to new heights. It is exactly what it says and aims to explore the way a human being reacts when all or most of its senses are taken from
them. Sensory deprivation has also been used in alternative medicines and psychological experiments specifically using what is called an isolation tank. Sessions in these tanks are typically never longer than an hour as prolonged exposure to this could lead to hallucinations, anxiety and sometimes even depression, while the shorter periods of less than an hour has often been used quite successfully for prayer or meditation.

There are several forms of sensory deprivation that have been used in interrogation centers that have been adapted by the BDSM community. It should be noted that these practices are no longer used in a majority of centers and that use of it in BDSM is strictly consensual and will end when a safe word is called. No scene is ever intended to hurt or harm the submissive. "

As with all play there must be a large amount of trust between the Dom and the sub, as well safe words must be used and respected.

One of the most commons types of deprivation as i stated earlier in the loss of sight, either hooding or blindfolding your submissive this leaves them with there sense of feel and hearing heightened to help them grasp their surroundings.

Personally I like to tease the skin during these time, with hot, cold, feathers, light touches or even electricity (A Violet Wand).

If you are looking to truly overload your subs sense of feel I recommend the use of earplugs as well, shutting down both sight and hearing will force the skin and it's receptors into overdrive amplifying any contact or near contact, if done properly this can lead a sub to orgasm if that is your desired end state.

If you are a far of rope suspension and rope play you have probably dipped into sensory play as well, the feel of hemp or silk rope on skin and cause an altered state of feeling and tieing opposite arms and legs to one another can disorient the brain causing a sensation similar to sub space.

the overloading of one sense can also be effective in play, this could include concentrated taste's smells sound's or feeling's.

If you or your sub are interested in sensory play or anything to do with it please feel free to use the google search tool added to this page and consult your local book store, sensory play can be very fun for both a Dom and sub but remember as with all the things we do, safety is paramount, and we do this to have fun and enjoy our selves if your not practicing either then you are wrong.

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