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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, I went to Das Bunker and didn't make it home till around noon today, however we are going to Hell this evening and I will have pictures and a post tomorrow.

Update 1

HELL was a thoroughly enjoyable evening i had originally had plans to play with a young woman who was drawing interest in the scene, sadly she couldn't make it out however my friend Mistress Blood Raven and I had a Bit of a play session there are photos of the after math and I will be putting those up as soon as I can and as promised i will also bee putting photos up of the outfit Momma D made for me but for now i must get a haircut and get on the road, expect updates no later then tomorrow.

Update 2

Here is the photo from the work Mistress Blodd Raven did on me

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